Dear SRK family members,

    A school is more than simply a physical location. More than that is present. Everyone must play a part to ensure that the critical years of a child's life called schooling are completed, from the security guards at the gate to the final housekeeping staff. We practically have an ideal team in our SRK, and they have worked tirelessly for years to make it succeed. Everyone on this team is aware of the utilitarian concept, which states, "Actions should be taken to maximise the good for the greatest number of people." Senior, the administrative staff members who carry voluntary social responsibility include the principal and the administrative officer. This campus has benefited over the years from their guidance in establishing norms, standards, instilling attitudes, and moulding characters.

    Though We want to congratulate you all even though we still have long-term and short-term objectives to accomplish and work hard to do so. Getting things right is being efficient. Effectiveness is doing the appropriate actions. Let's attempt to do both so that we can advance.

My best wishes for the academic year!

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Er.Prakash M.E.,

CEO- Chief Executive Officer.

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  • I wish all of the SRK's students, faculty, and staff, as well as their families, success in everything they do.
  • Thanking you,
    Mr.Prakash - Director.