From the desk of your Secretary

Dear Learner

Education attempts to foster a spirit of perseverance together with the proper degree of curiosity and the pursuit of information. To support the purpose of education, Delhi Heritage School provides an organised approach to the teaching-learning process.

. Children today face enormous obstacles as life becomes more sophisticated. Success is not always simple. To obtain the desired results, constant effort and struggle are required. In situations like this, schools help students by offering them the educational, emotional, and moral support they need to develop their confidence, be able to make rational decisions, and realise their aspirations

The approach he takes to his work is what differentiates him whether he aspires to "success" or "innovation" or both. Teachers have a crucial role in creating a joyful and active school climate. We have a faculty that is tremendously talented, highly motivated, and compassionate, and I am proud of it. They inspire the pupils with their zeal, which spreads to them.

- Mr.B.Sivasubramaniam - Secretary