From the desk of your Chairman’s

Dear Learner

“Intelligence Plus character that is the goal of True Education” -- K. Kamarajar
These sentences sum up our goals at SRK Matriculation School wonderfully. Along with a solid curriculum, we also want to give our kids a comprehensive learning environment. We want to teach kids how to LEARN, not just how to STUDY. Consequently, we make an effort to venture outside the realm of simple novels. We've come to the realisation that while the future is vague and unknowable, the youth in our care are present and pliable.

Dear pupils, You are the ones who create nations. The drivers of technology are you. You are the change's agents. We sincerely believe that your time at SRK Matriculation School will assist you to develop your managerial and leadership abilities. Your primary contribution to your parents, society, and the country will be the knowledge you acquire, the admirable traits you adopt, and the practical talents you learn to use.

We put our faith in you. We put all of our trust in you because you are our reliable source. We craft you for the future rather than creating the future. Tremendous efforts face formidable obstacles, but never forget that tremendous efforts bear the sweet reward of victory. We want you to experience success

Let’s join our hands together in our endeavour towards the year 2023-24.

- C. Sundararajan - Chairman